Frequently Asked Questions

Would I have to go to the career course?

You do NOT have to be a Career Course graduate to submit your packet.  Before entering the CA pipeline, you will go to a basic branch Career Course.  However, you will be controlled by CA Branch and they will manage your Career Course Assignment.

How soon could I switch branches?

Once selected by the board, you are turned over to CA / PSYOP branch and you will enter the CA / PSYOP pipeline as soon as feasible.  Upon successful completion of your respective course, you will become a branch trained Civil Affairs or Psychological Operations officer.

Can I delay entry into the Qualification Course?

Yes.  Once you get selected by the board, you can discuss with CA Branch when you would like to begin the pipeline.  They will accommodate you as best as they can.

What will be my job upon graduating?

Upon graduation, Civil Affairs officers will be assigned to the 95th Civil Affairs Brigade.  PSYOP Officers will be assigned to the 4th Psychological Operations Group (POG).  Both units are stationed at Fort Bragg, NC.  As a Captain, you will be a Team Leader for a Civil Affairs or PSYOP team.  T You will be working closely with other USASOC units conducting sensitive missions world-wide.

What is the ARSOF Board and when does it meet?

The purpose of the Board is to identify qualified candidates for Army Special Operations Forces (ARSOF).   The ARSOF Board usually meets between January and April of any given year.  Thus, it is prudent for interested Officers to not delay and submit their packet as soon as possible.

My Branch would not release me to go CA. What can I do?

This is a Department of the Army Selection Board.  Once you are selected you will enter the pipeline.  Your Basic Branch does not have a choice to release you.  They MUST release you.

Is CA gender specific?

No.  Males and Females may apply.