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PSYOP Soldiers use persuasion to influence perceptions and encourage desired behavior. The cornerstone of MILITARY INFORMATION SUPPORT OPERATIONS (MISO) is truth, credibly presented to convince a foreign audience to cease resistance or take actions favorable to friendly forces. During Desert Storm, the effective use of MISO was a combat multiplier that directly contributed to the surrender of thousands of Iraqi Soldiers. It is clear its effectiveness saved countless coalition and Iraqi lives. PSYOP units also have Soldiers with unique skills. These Soldiers are communicators who provide the commander with the ability to communicate information to large audiences via radio, television, leaflets and loudspeakers. The PSYOP Soldier's language skills, regional orientation and knowledge of communications media provide a means of delivering critical information to host-nation audiences. MISO is a vital part of the broad range of diplomatic, informational, military, and economic (DIME) activities used by the U.S. Government.

PSYOP Soldiers use information to influence the behavior of foreign audiences in support of U.S. policy and national objectives. Used during peacetime, contingencies, and declared war, these activities are non-lethal. They are force multipliers that use nonviolent means in often violent environments. Persuading rather than compelling physically, they rely on logic, fear, desire or other psychological factors to promote specific behaviors. The ultimate objective of PSYOP is to convince enemy, neutral, and friendly governments, forces and populations to take actions favorable to the United States and its allies. PSYOP conducts MISO to support national objectives at the tactical, operational and strategic levels of operations. Strategic MISO advance broad or long-term objectives; global in nature, they may be directed toward large audiences or at key communicators. Operational MISO is conducted on a smaller scale. They are employed by theater commanders to target groups within the theater of operations. Their purpose can range from gaining support for U.S. operations to preparing the battlefield for combat. Tactical MISO is more limited, used by commanders to secure immediate and near-term goals. In this environment, these force-enhancing activities serve as a means to lower the morale and efficiency of enemy forces. Both tactical and operational level MISO may be used to enhance peacetime military activities of conventional and Special Operations Forces operating in foreign countries.

Cultural awareness prepares PSYOP Soldiers to effectively communicate the positive aspects of combined military exercises and deployments. In addition to supporting military units, MISO provides interagency support. In operations ranging from humanitarian assistance to drug interdiction, MISO supports the missions of those agencies. Their activities can be used to disseminate information about ongoing programs and to gain support from the local populace. PSYOP units of the U.S. Army are culturally oriented, linguistically capable.


Soldiers must have a minimum of 24 months TIS before they are eligible to apply. PSYOP Volunteer Statement (Enlisted) Male and Female Soldiers Are Eligible To Apply RANK SPC-SSG. SFC'S ARE NOT ELIGIBLE and Soldiers can not have more than 14 years AFS Enlisted Record Brief (ERB) Minimum of 24 months TIS Tech (ST) Score Minimum: No Waivers available. 101 to 105 or higher (depending on the test date) DLAB score 85 or higher. You are required a DLAB even if you have a DLPT rating. You can take the CTI challenge at DLPT Rating, If Proficient in Any Other Language, with a 1/1 or higher is acceptable. Airborne Qualified Or Willing To Volunteer For Airborne Training Pass a SERE physical IAW AR 40-501. If not Airborne qualified ensure the physical is also stamped for Airborne. APFT current within the last 6 months. Must submit a height and weight screening if taped. Interim secret security clearance (at a minimum). Soldier must scan their entire packet into 1 PDF file and e-mail it to their PSYOP Recruiter (see CONTACTS). No other format will be accepted. Letter of Understanding for ARSOF must be included in their packet signed by their 1SG. Enlisted Soldiers are now required to pass an ARSOF APFT within 45 days of their date. If they are not located near an ARSOF Recruiting Station, this APFT must be conducted by Soldier's 1SG and digitally signed.


Eligibility. We are now accepting ARSOF applications for YG10. DOR to 1LT must be between 20110401 - 20120331.

Only YG10 packets are currently being accepted.

Male and Female Officers may apply.
Documentation. The following lists all documentation necessary to be considered for selection by the ARSOF Board.

a. Volunteer statement.
b. A current copy of your officer record brief (ORB).
c. Resume. See sample resume here.
d. DA Form 873 or a statement from your S2 if security clearance is not annotated on your ORB.
e. SF physical(male)/SERE physical(female). Original DD Form 2808 and DD Form 2807-1 along with all supporting documents.
f. Current APFT within 6 months of application date. All applicants are required to score no less than 60 in each category, graded in the age group of candidate. Height and Weight screening MUST be submitted if you do not meet the height and weight requirements.
g. Officer Active Duty Service Obligations.
h. Commissioned Officer Professional Development and Career Management.
i. DLAB. You must score a minimum of 85 on the DLAB. If you do not attain a minimum score of 85, you can retake the DLAB or submit your packet with the current score and it will be considered and reviewed for PSYOP Course attendance.

Applications. Completed applications should be forwarded to the recruiting station responsible for servicing your designated area.

Deployed in support of Army Operations across the world: Include a memorandum for record explaining your deployment dates and return dates. This memorandum should include a remark stating "I understand I must complete my ARSOF Officer Application packet prior to going to SF/CA/PYSOP Selection and/or Assessment Courses."

Be a part of Special Operations Community
Work with other U.S. Government Agencies and Non Government Organizations
World Wide Missions and Assignments
Interaction with and advising of Foreign Government Officials
Making a Difference to change peoples' lives
Influence how people think and behave
Parachute Pay
Foreign Language Proficiency Pay (with qualifying DLPT Score)
TDY Allowances
Ranger School
Jumpmaster School
Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape, Course (SERE)
Air Assault
Individual Terrorism Awareness Course (INTAC)
Defense Language Institute (DLI)



The PSYOP Qualification course is anywhere from 42 weeks long (not including Airborne or early reports for NCOES). The PSYOP Qualification course is all completed at Ft. Bragg, NC and is a PCS move. The course consists of 2 weeks Intro to PSYOP, 24 weeks of language training, 11 weeks of PSYOP Core Curriculum, 3 weeks CULEX, and 1 week for graduation.

The language you learn will be based off of your DLAB score. A score of 85-100 is considered a CAT I/II language. A score of 101 and above falls in CAT III/IV languages.

Officers will first attend PSYOP Assessment and Selection, a 10 day TDY and return course, at the first available opportunity. Officers who successfully complete POAS will PCS to a designated CCC and TDY courses as required (Airborne, SERE-C), followed by a PCS to Ft. Bragg, NC to attend the PSYOP Qualification course.



Recruiting Center Area of Responsibility

Fort Lewis, PSYOP Recruiting
Bldg 11577 41st Division Dr & "C" Street North Fort Lewis, WA 98433
COM: 253-967-0284
Fax# 253-477-4754

Ft. Lewis, Ft. Bliss, Ft. Irwin, Ft. Huachuca, White Sands Missile Range, DLI, Ft. Carson, Alaska, Hawaii, Korea, and Japan

Fort Campbell, PSYOP Recruiting
2206 Indiana Ave, Ft. Campbell, KY 42223
COM: 270-798-9818
Fax# 270-956-3883

Ft. Campbell, Ft. Hood, Ft. Riley, Ft. Knox, Ft. Leavenworth, Ft. Sam Houston, Ft. Sill, and Ft. Leonard Wood

Fort Stewart, PSYOP Recruiting
Bldg 160, 195 Garry Owen St, Ft. Stewart, GA 31314
COM: 912-767-1400 / 2060

Ft. Stewart, Hunter Army Airfield, Ft. Jackson, Ft. Gordon, Ft. Benning, Ft. Rucker, Redstone Arsenal, Ft. Polk, Macdill AFB, Eglin AFB and Dahlonega

Germany, PSYOP Recruiting


Fort Bragg, PSYOP Recruiting
Bldg 2-1120, East Basement Jackson & MaComb St, Ft. Bragg, NC 28310
COM: 910-396-5786 or 910-907-5913
Fax# 910-396-4994

Ft. Bragg, Ft. Drum, Ft. Eustis, Ft. Detrick, Ft. Meade, Ft. Myer, Ft. McNair, Ft. Belvior, Ft. Manmouth, Ft. Lee, Ft. Story, Ft. Dix, Aberdeen Proving Ground, and West Point